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Lucy Feit

Vice Commodore


Rear Commodore

Roni Whipple

Fleet Captain / Cruise Director

Michael Baron

Bridge Reports




Laura Burton


Al Tupek

Judge Advocate

Rosemary Kaley-Krieger

Communications Director

Karen Tupek


Laura Burton

Elected Board of Governors



Governor Term 2018 - 20

Jack Holman

Governor Term 2018 - 20

Fred Hellman


Governor Term 2019 - 21

David Whipple




Lee Maguire

Supply Officer

Fred Hellman

Activities Chairperson

Kathy Hall


Maureen Jacobson


New Bridge for 2019 - 2020

Lucy Feit - (Commodore) Lucy grew up in Nanuet, New York, raised her children outside of Philadelphia where she met and married Jack. They moved to Florida in 1999. Lucy’s boating experience came from joining the Corinthians and learning quickly on Buddy and Suzanne’s boat. Lucy was a Instructor for Computer Sciences at Temple University and retired from IBM. Lucy now substitute teaches in Broward School District.

Roni Harkey Whipple - (Rear Commodore) Born and raised in Miami, Roni has been a resident of Lighthouse Point since 2002. She owned and operated a globally recognized special event production company for 25 years - traveling the world producing large scale events for primarily Fortune 500 companies. She retired in 2007 and wrote her memoir “Rain Dance” which debuted in 2011. She has 2 children, Joshua lives in Connecticut with his son Jacob 7, and Jessica resides in Miami with daughter Cali Gray 1yr.

Michael Baron - (Fleet Captain) grew up in the Boston area and spent his childhood summers on a lake in New Hampshire where his passion for boating began at the ripe old age of 5. When his boys were of the same age he bought a boat and summer house in New Hampshire where he and his boys would go boating every weekend. When technology allowed Michael to manage his merchant services business remotely, he and Leslie moved to Florida initially living on their Cruisers Motor Yacht. Michael and Leslie have cruised the entire east coast several times from Maine to Florida, traveled extensively in the Bahamas and recently completed the Florida loop.







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