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The Corinthians of LHP, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the Club) promotes social activity among the members, such as cruises, dinners, dances, parties and other forms of entertainment and fosters a spirit of camaraderie among its members. In addition, the Club shall: (a) foster the art of seamanship and promote boating, sport fishing and other allied marine activities, (b) engage in such charitable activities coincidental to boats and boating, as its members may decide, and (c) provide educational programs for its members in the areas of seamanship and marine activities.


A Membership is defined as: (a) a single person, (b) a married couple, (c) a single person and his/her designated partner (as determined by the Corinthians Board of Governors). (The Corinthians Board of Governors will hereinafter be referred to as the BOG.)

1. Applicants for membership shall be judged on their social acceptability to the existing membership, their interest in and skills pertaining to boating and such other criteria as may be determined by the BOG. Members must be willing to participate in, organize, run or assist in events of the club.

2. Membership is available only on an invitational basis. The application form shall be made available to prospective members only by the members who intend to sponsor such applicants.

3. Individual Members shall be at least twenty-one (21) years of age and of good character. Members must agree to conform to the regulations, bylaws and rules of the Corinthians, Inc. The member and the member's spouse or designated partner are each deemed to be full members, each having a vote in the affairs of the club and both allowed to be Board Members and/or Bridge Members. Each membership has two (2) votes, whether or not it is a single or joint membership except for the ‘grandfathered’ Widow Membership, which will only have one vote.

4. Applications shall be made on forms provided by the Chairman of the Membership Committee, and shall be endorsed by three (3) separate memberships of the Club.

5. On the first reading, the BOG decides by majority voice vote if the applicant is accepted for further consideration and processing. Before the vote for acceptance is taken, on the request of two BOG members, the BOG shall postpone the consideration of an applicant until the next Board meeting.

6. The second reading shall be held at the next regularly scheduled or special BOG meeting. Balloting on second reading shall be secret by a method established by the BOG. Three (3) opposing votes shall constitute unfavorable action on the application. If an application is rejected, the applicant (s) may not be reconsidered for Membership by the Board until at least six months have passed.

7. DUES. The dues of Club shall be fixed annually by the BOG on or before the Annual General Membership Meeting and shall thereupon become due and payable by Change of Watch. A membership that fails to pay its annual dues shall be notified at its last known address. A membership that fails to make payment of such dues plus late fee by the December BOG meeting, without justification, shall be considered by the BOG to be delinquent and will be dropped from the membership. The membership will be notified by the BOG.

8. Applicant(s) for membership must own a boat (The term “own a boat” shall mean a person who solely or in conjunction with spouse or designated partner, shall have a controlling and/or beneficial interest of at least fifty-one percent) with the following exception: The BOG may in each fiscal year, authorize the Membership Committee to extend invitations to as many as ten (10) non-boat owners who have been or at present, are active in boating and have a genuine interest or experience in boating. Only one membership shall be considered per boat.

9. The Secretary of the Club shall keep a current record of all voting members.

10. HONORARY MEMBERS. The BOG may elect as Honorary Members, such persons as, in its estimation, are entitled to this distinction by reason of services or benefits rendered, or for other adequate reason. Honorary members do not pay dues and will have full voting rights.

11. LIFETIME MEMBERS. The BOG may designate any Corinthian who has been a member for twenty-five (25) years as a Lifetime Member. These members will be recognized at the February General Membership Meeting.

12. LIMITS, TERMS AND DUES. The BOG has the power and authority to limit the memberships of the Club. It shall fix the terms and conditions of membership with respect to the privileges of members, dues, initiation fees and assessments of members, honorary members, and the terms and conditions thereof. It has the authority to change dues, initiation fees, assessments, terms and conditions of membership at any meeting, without notice, to become effective at such time or times as may be fixed by the Board. Announcement of such change will be sent to all Club Members affected thereby, within thirty (30) days after such action, but failure to receive such announcement shall not relieve any member from liability under such change.

13. EXPULSION AND DISCIPLINE. The BOG by a majority vote of those present, may censure, suspend or expel any member of the Club for unbecoming conduct or actions at variance with its Bylaws or Rules after a hearing of which five (5) days notice has been given such member and at which he/she will be given an opportunity to defend himself/herself if they desire.

14. REINSTATEMENT. Any expelled member may be reinstated by a majority of those present at a BOG meeting.


The Standing Committees include a Cruise Committee, a Membership Committee, an Entertainment Committee and a Finance Committee. The chairpersons of each Committee shall thereafter select the members of his/her respective committees from the membership at large.

1. The Cruise Committee is chaired by the Fleet Captain/Cruise Director and will plan and organize all cruises.

2. The Membership Committee chairperson is nominated by the Commodore and approved by the BOG. The Membership Chairperson has charge of procuring and qualifying new members in accordance with these Bylaws and the Corinthians Procedure Manual. After an application has been received, the membership committee shall diligently examine the applicant’s eligibility and report thereon to the BOG at its first meeting thereafter.

3. The Entertainment Committee is chaired by the Rear Commodore and has charge of all inside entertainment functions of the Club.

4. The Finance Committee is chaired by the Vice Commodore and is responsible for studying all financial matters of the Club, including the preparation of a proposed working budget for all committees and Club activities. 

Each Committee will confine its expenditures to appropriations made for that purpose by the BOG and as stated in the annual budget.


1. GENERAL MEMBERSHIP. There shall be two general membership meetings. The meeting on the first Friday in October shall be the Annual Meeting and include the election of the Board of Governors and Bridge Officers. The other general membership meeting will be held the first Friday of February. The Commodore may at his/her discretion, and with the approval of the BOG, change the date of any general membership meeting or any other club function or event.

2. NOTICE OF MEETINGS. Written notice of every membership meeting shall, at least ten (10) days before the date thereof, be e-mailed to every member on record and noticed in the monthly issue of the MAINSHEET.

3. PLACE. All membership meetings shall be held at a place in Florida as fixed by the BOG, and which place shall be specified in the notice of such meeting.

4. SPECIAL MEETINGS OF MEMBERSHIP. Special meetings of the membership may be called at any time by the Commodore or Vice-Commodore if approved by the majority of the BOG.

5. The Commodore, or the next officer in line, shall order special meetings of the members upon written request of twenty-five (25) members within 5 days of such request. At such meetings, the membership shall be free to discuss improvements in the Club operation, or make complaints, or offer suggestions. These suggestions and/or complaints shall be transmitted to the BOG for their consideration at their next regular BOG meeting, or, if of sufficient importance, shall be brought to the attention of the BOG at a special meeting to be called as soon as practical.


1. NUMBER AND QUALIFICATIONS. The BOG shall consist of up to fifteen (15) members, including the Commodore, Vice Commodore, Rear Commodore, Fleet Captain/Cruise Director, Secretary, Treasurer, Judge Advocate, Communication/Mainsheet Editor, and an appointed member of the Board, together with six (6) members elected pursuant to paragraph 4 of this article.

2. The Immediate Past Commodore at his/her option shall have a seat on the BOG as an Ex Officio BOG Member. The Immediate Past Commodore shall have no voting rights and shall not be considered for determining the number required for a quorum or whether a quorum is present at a meeting, but is present only for advisory purposes and is not obligated to serve as a regular working Board member.

3. Married Couples and/or Joint Partners in a membership may serve on the BOG at the same time.

4. ELECTION OF BOARD OF GOVERNORS. At each Annual Meeting of the membership, there shall be elected three (3) members to serve as members of the BOG for a term of two (2) years each. These three members shall be from a slate of candidates named by the Nominating Committee, and any candidates nominated pursuant to ARTICLE VI Section 3.

5. TERM. The BOG elected pursuant to Paragraph 4 of this Article shall serve for a term of two years commencing immediately and serving until their successors are elected at the Annual Meeting.  After serving two (2) consecutive two year terms as an elected BOG Member, that member will not be eligible to hold office as an elected BOG Member until a period of one year has elapsed. Board Members who hold the office of Commodore, Vice Commodore, Rear Commodore, Fleet Captain/Cruise Director, Secretary, Treasurer, Judge Advocate, Communication/Mainsheet Editor, and the appointed Member of the BOG are exempt from this restriction.

6. BOARD MEETINGS. The BOG will hold their regular meetings on the third Thursday of each month except June, July, and August. The meetings shall be without special notice at at a place and time at the direction of the Commodore, or of the BOG.

7. SPECIAL MEETINGS OF THE BOARD OF GOVERNORS. Special meetings of the BOG may be called by the Commodore and shall be called by him/her upon a written request of two or more BOG Members. Two (2) days notice to each BOG Member is required. A special meeting may be called and held any time and place at which every Board Member is present, even though no notice has been given, and any business may be there transacted.

8. VACANCIES. Vacancies on the BOG other than Bridge Officers occurring between Annual Meetings of the Membership shall be filled by the Commodore with approval by the BOG. In the event that a member is appointed by the Commodore to fill a vacancy of an elected member on the BOG, such appointed member shall serve only until the next Annual Membership Meeting, at which meeting the members shall, by election, fill the remaining unexpired term, if any.

9. QUORUM. A majority of the BOG must be present in person to constitute a quorum for the transaction of business by said BOG.

10. ATTENDANCE AT MEETINGS. BOG members are encouraged to attend meetings in person but may participate and vote in meetings on the phone or by texting.  Any member of the BOG who is absent from three (3) consecutive regular meetings of the BOG, without previously being excused by the Commodore, shall present at the next regular meeting an excuse for his/her absence. If the excuse is not satisfactory to the majority of the Board Members present, it shall be deemed that the member has resigned as a member of the BOG.

11. QUALIFICATIONS. All Members of the BOG shall reside in the State of Florida for at least six (6) months of each calendar year.


A. The Commodore, Vice-Commodore, and Rear Commodore shall be elected by the Special BOG during a recess of the Annual Membership Meeting and shall serve until their respective successors are elected and duly inducted. For this purpose, the Special BOG shall consist of three (3) incumbent elected members, the three newly elected members (as per ARTICLE V, Section 4), and the present Commodore, Vice-Commodore and Rear Commodore.

B. Voting by proxy votes shall be permitted for the election of Bridge Officers at this Special BOG Meeting. The proxy may designate the person(s) for whom the proxy is/are being cast. The Club Secretary and/or Commodore are the only persons authorized to receive these proxies and they must be received at least two days prior to the Annual General Membership Meeting. After receipt of the proxy, the Club Secretary and/or Commodore must present the written proxy to the duly appointed Teller of the BOG for the purpose of conducting the election of the Officers of the Club.

13. APPOINTED/NON-ELECTED GOVERNORS. The remaining members of the BOG (Fleet Captain/Cruise Director, Secretary, Treasurer, Judge Advocate, Mainsheet Editor and appointed members of the BOG) shall be nominated by the Commodore Elect and approved by the BOG at the first meeting of the BOG following the Annual Membership Meeting. The term of office of all officers nominated and approved by the BOG under this paragraph shall be for the period of one fiscal year, and they shall be inducted into office during the Change of Watch Ceremony that is normally held on the first Sunday in November.

14. The BOG may at any special or regular BOG Meeting remove a BOG Member for cause and fill such vacancy created. Said BOG Member must receive a written notice of this meeting at least five (5) days in advance.


(1) PERMANENTLY VACATED: The Vice Commodore will assume all duties of the Office of Commodore. The Office of Vice Commodore shall remain vacant for the duration of the year. The Vice Commodore who assumes the duties of Commodore shall serve his/her own full term in the succeeding year if elected by the Special Board. All other Bridge Officers remain in their positions for the duration of the year.
(2) TEMPORARILY VACATED: The Vice Commodore will assume all duties of the Office of Commodore until such time that the Commodore is able to resume his/her duties

(1) PERMANENTLY VACATED: The other Bridge Officers will all move up one rank if elected by the Special Board. The Commodore shall nominate a New Fleet Captain/Cruise Director for approval by the BOG. 
(2) TEMPORARILY VACATED: The Rear Commodore in addition to his/her own duties, will assume the duties of the Office of Vice Commodore until such time the Vice Commodore is able to resume his/her duties.

(1) PERMANENTLY VACATED: The Fleet Captain/Cruise Director will assume the duties of Rear Commodore if approved by the BOG. 
(2) TEMPORARILY VACATED: The Vice Commodore shall assume the duties of the Rear Commodore until such time that the Rear Commodore is able to resume his/her duties.

(1) PERMANENTLY VACATED: The Commodore shall nominate a successor Fleet Captain/Cruise Director for approval by the BOG.
(2) TEMPORARILY VACATED: The Commodore shall appoint a temporary Fleet Captain/Cruise Director until such time that the Fleet Captain/Cruise Director is able to resume his/her duties.


(1) PERMANENTLY VACATED shall be determined to exist when a Bridge Officer is unable to perform his/her duties due to a permanent cause such as death, resignation, permanent incapacitation, etc. 
(2) TEMPORARILY VACATED shall be determined to exist when a Bridge Officer is unable to perform his/her duties due to a temporary situation such as temporary illness or incapacitation. Should a conflict exist as to the definition between Permanent or Temporary vacation of office, at all levels below the Commodore, the Commodore’s decision shall abide. Should a conflict exist at the Commodore’s level, the BOG shall decide by majority vote.



1. The Commodore at the May Meeting of the BOG shall appoint, subject to approval by the BOG, a Nominating Committee of five (5) members. The Chairperson of said committee is to be the Vice Commodore and to include the Immediate Past Commodore and at least one (1) additional past or present BOG Member.

2. The Nominating Committee shall nominate one candidate for each BOG position to be elected at the next Annual Membership Meeting. Nominations shall be completed and a list of the nominees posted on the Corinthian’s notice board at the club by September 1st and published in the September issue of the MAINSHEET, with a notice that additional nominations may be made by the members as provided in this Article, Section 3. No member of the Nominating Committee may be nominated for election by said committee.

3. Any member, otherwise qualified, may be nominated for election as a BOG Member upon the presentation of a petition signed by at least ten (10) memberships in good standing. Such petition must be accompanied by a statement signed by the nominee that he/she will serve if elected, and shall be filed with the Secretary not later than September 20th preceding the Annual Meeting.

4. In the event that one or more additional nominations are received by the Secretary prior to September 20th, as provided in this Article, Section 3, the Secretary will prepare a ballot, containing the names of all candidates nominated pursuant to this Article, Sections 2 and 3, and make one ballot available to each voting member during a period of at least one (1) hour prior to the opening of the Annual Meeting, and provide a ballot box for members to deposit their ballots secretly. At the time of opening of the Annual Meeting, the ballot box shall be closed and delivered to a Committee of Tellers appointed by the Commodore. The Tellers shall count the votes and report the results during the Annual Meeting, if in session, or to the Commodore as expeditiously as possible. The ballots shall be held by the Tellers for a period of ten (10) days and be made available for checking in the event any candidate requests a recount.


The Seal of the Corporation shall be circular, having the name of the Corporation engraved around the margin, and the word Seal in the center.


At all meetings, the order of business, after organization, will be as follows, unless changed or dispensed with by the vote of a majority of the number of members present at the meeting:

1. Reading the minutes of the last previous meeting and action thereon.

2. Consideration of the financial report or statement.

3. Commodore’s and other officers’ reports.

4. Reports of Committees.

5. Unfinished business.

6. New and miscellaneous business.

7. Election of Officers or Board Members, if in order.


1. COMMITTEES. All standing Committee Chairpersons are to be appointed by the Commodore, subject to the approval of the BOG. All special committees shall be appointed by the Commodore, subject to approval of the BOG.

2. REPORTS AND RECORDS. At each Annual Meeting of the membership, the Commodore shall read or cause to be read, a report of the condition of the business of the Club and its accomplishments during the last twelve months.

3. CHECKS. All checks of the Club shall be signed by the Officer or Officers as may be prescribed from time to time by the BOG.

4. FISCAL YEAR. The Fiscal Year shall be from 1 November to 31 October.

5. PARLIAMENTARY PROCEDURES. The Parliamentary Procedures of the conduct of the Club’s business will be that set forth in Robert’s Rules of Order, newly revised edition.


The bylaws may be amended or revised by approval for adoption by a majority vote of the BOG present at any regular or special meeting of the BOG. If approved, the changes to the Bylaws will go into effect immediately.



The Corinthian Procedure Manual supplements these bylaws.


Corinthian Cruise Policy


1.5.1 Announcement of a Cruise Event: The entire year’s cruises are listed at the beginning of the Commodore’s year. A cruise event will only be considered announced when it has been listed in the Mainsheet or when it has been verbally announced at an Information Meeting and there is a sign-up sheet.

1.5.2 Reservations for a Cruise Event: After a cruise has been announced, reservations will be accepted on a first come first served basis. A reservation will only be considered accepted when accompanied by appropriate payment and the completed sign-up sheet. Verbal reservations or reservations by a third party will not be accepted. Checks, postdated checks, letters, verbal communications or any other form of in-tended reservation will not be accepted prior to the time that the trip is announced.

1.5.3 Bridge Officers, the Immediate Past Commodore and Chairpersons will automatically be allotted space on the cruise; however, they must sign the sign-up sheet for the cruise prior to the Information Meeting for their space to be confirmed. The space will be cancelled if payment is not received 30 days prior to the trip. The space allotted to any of the above who do not sign up prior to the Information Meeting will become available to any other member desiring to attend the trip.

1.5.4 If the trip is not full at the end of the Information Meeting, reservations will be accepted by mail or personal delivery in the following manner: by mail will be accepted in the order of postmark on the envelope; by personal delivery will be accepted in accordance to the date and time received. Reservations by mail or personal delivery must be accompanied by a signup sheet and a check for the full amount required.

1.5.5 Cancellations: Cancellations will be accepted prior to thirty days before the trip date. After 30 days prior to the trip date, refunds will only be given if that member’s slot has been filled by the next eligible applicant.

1.5.6 Standby list: Once the trip is determined to be full, a standby list will be created. In the case of any confirmed cancellations, the first person from the standby list will be chosen. Any standby not chosen will be placed at the top of the list for the next trip to be announced. In this case, the standby’s payment will be refunded provided they have met the requirements described above in 1.5.2.






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