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Commodore's Report

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Commodore Lucy Feit










Commodore Leslie Baron

October 2019

Fall is here and our snowbirds are returning to sunny Florida. Itís good to welcome them back. I still have several events planned before our next Commodore, Lucy Feit, takes office so please be sure to read further in the Mainsheet for details.
As you know we have reduced the cost of our annual membership and have given singles the opportunity to pay for themselves, rather than the same cost as couples. So if you havenít yet sent in your dues, please be sure to get them to us before the end of October. Cost for couples is $325 and singles pay $225. Lucy and her team are planning a ton of fun events and weekends and you donít want to miss out!
Due to windy and wet weather forecasts, we had to cancel the weekend at Sunset Harbor Marina in Miami, but so not to miss out on being together, we met for a wonderful Italian dinner Friday night and had a raft out on Sunday afternoon in Lake Boca. The weekend turned out to be a lot of fun for those who had originally planned on going down to Miami! We will be heading up to Stuart for the weekend October 11-13 and there is still time to join us, either by boat or by car. Please contact Connie Miller for more details. She can be reached at 954 732 7607. It will be the last boating weekend of my term and The Millers have made lots of plans for us. The more the merrier !!

September 2019

By the time you read this, summer will be close to itís end. The Corinthians remaining down south had several opportunities to get together and most of us did just that. We have had really successful happy hours, with as many as 36 people attending. I spent a portion of the summer working on September and October events, particularly the 2 boating weekends coming up before the end of my term. Our September trip to Sunset Harbor Marina in Miami still has docking vacancies, as does the Residence Inn not far from the marina. We will be having an onsite catered dinner for all who attend. In October we are heading north to Stuart at the Sunset Bay Marina. Connie and Mike Miller will be heading up the weekend and are making sure we have lots of fun things to do. Information has been sent out about hotel accommodations also. Both marinas are taking reservations directly from the boaters. So if you plan on joining us for a good time, please make your arrangements now. Itís hard to believe that we are already talking about COW! More information will be sent to everyone as soon as all of the details have been finalized but if you are a boat owner and want to have your boat in the parade, please let Michael Baron, the upcoming Fleet Captain, know so he can start working on the arrangements. Most of you already know that there has been a change in the upcoming yearís Commodore. Lucy Feit, who has served on the Board of Governors for many years as Secretary and Mainsheet Editor, has been nominated for that position. She brings to the Board many years of understanding the Corinthianís policies and procedures. Lucy is already working on lots of great ideas for fun events so the Corinthians should be in for another successful year ahead. Currently Change of Watch is scheduled for November 3, 2019. Hope to see you at upcoming events and please watch for future announcements of where and when.


Vice Commodore Jerry McGuire





















Rear Commodore - coming Events


Social Chair Roni Whipple:

September 2019

Hello Corinthians! I hope everyone is having a good summer as August exits and September is right behind. Pretty soon it will be fall with a whole new exciting year on tap but we still have lots of fun activities planned for the next two months. Happy hours have been fun and very well attended with a huge thanks to Maureen Jacobson for arranging them ! I hope you all have seen the ad and have purchased your tickets for the Murder Mystery Dinner and Show on September 20th at Maggiano's in Boca for what will be a fun and interactive evening. Tickets are on sale on their website. Donít forget to let me know your seating preference; we already have a few big tables full! Be on the lookout for the advertisement for our October Membership Meeting which will be taking place on October 25 at the Ft Lauderdale Marriott Pompano Beach. ďA Fall Mask-eradeĒ is the theme for a fun and whimsical evening of great food, entertainment and of course, Corinthian camaraderie is in store for our fall dinner/dance. We are constantly on the prowl for fun things to do so stay tuned for additional events before Commodore Leslieís year winds to a close. Looking forward to seeing you all !

May and June:

Hello Corinthians ! While we certainly have been busy these past few months April has been a little more restful for those that did not join us on the fabulous Commodoreís Cruise. As you may have heard we are postponing our Wine Dinner at Luigi Di Roma due to the amount of extensive construction outside the restaurant which has caused a difficult parking situation. Maureen Jacobson and I are watching and waiting to re-schedule the dinner as soon as possible. Please watch your email for the new date - we are hoping toward the end of June. At this time we are planning all sorts of fun things for over the summer including Lake Boca Raft Outs, Dinner at the Beach, Boys and Girls Night Out, and of course re-scheduling our Stuart boating weekend, as well as other boating weekends nearby. In the meantime we continue to have great participation at our Happy Hour get-togethers. This past week, at Ouzo Bay, was a huge success. Everyone had a great time eating together at one big table for 25!

Stay tuned for upcoming events via your email. I wish everyone a very Happy Motherís Day ! See you all soon !


Director of Membership

Kathy Hall

October 2019



Hope everyone has had a fantastic summer.
I would like to introduce Ellyn and Steve Okrent. They are residents of Lighthouse Point and enjoy boating on their 34 ft. Sea Ray ďHappy OursĒ. Please make an effort to make them feel welcomed into our Corinthians. family.

Any Corinthian who might know of someone interested in becoming a Corinthian are encouraged to contact Kathy Hall at

 New Members:

Mr. Hilton Wiener and Ms  Sheila Kieffer


September 2019

Summer 2019

It is summertime and Rick and I are in Colorado. The Corinthians continue to grow and have some amazing future events planned. Please continue to reach out to your friends and neighbors about our club to keep it growing strong! Any Corinthian having knowledge of someone interested in joining our wonderful group, please call Kathy Hall 303-503-2529 or

May and June 2019

We are pleased to announce that Maurice and Michelle Nizzardo have passed their second reading. Please introduce yourselves to them at future functions. We are thrilled to have them. We currently have one application out to a new potential member and hope that the Board can review it at our next meeting. WOW, summer is fast approaching. Rick and I will be returning to our summer home in Colorado soon. While I am away, please think about all the amazing people who you would love to spend time with at Corinthian events. Iím sure you know awesome people who you could recommend to us. We cannot do this job without you. I will be giving membership packets to the BOG, so please contact them to request information. Letís all work together. If any Corinthian knows of any individuals who you might think would be great additions to our club, please let me know. I can be reached at Hope everyone has a wonderful summer. Thank you!!

April 2019

The Membership is pleased to announce that Maurice and Michelle Nizzardo have passed their first reading. Their second reading will be at the March 25th BOG. New membership is all of our jobs. Please keep your ears open to anyone who you might think would like to join our great club. Please contact Kathy Hall for a prospective members information packet.


March 2019

The Membership is pleased to announce that Maurice and Michelle Nizzardo have passed their first reading. They live in Connecticut in the summer and winter in Hillsboro Beach. They have attended some Corinthian events in the last month. Hopefully many of you have already met them. Please be sure to introduce yourself to these potential members.


February 2019

Happy New Year to everyone! We have several new membership packets out in our community. I will be presenting one couple at our BOG meeting on January 24th. I am positive they will pass their readings and I will be able to present them to all Corinthians at our General Membership meeting.


Any Corinthian knowing of interested people who they would recommend for membership in the Corinthians are encouraged to direct the prospective new member to anyone on the membership committee: Kathy Hall 303-503-2529, Maureen Jacobson 954-415-6184, Miriam Maguire 954-946-2114



 Commodore's Message


The time has come for all good men and women to come to the aid of their country or in this case the Corinthians of LPYRC. We have all enjoyed great times, both at the club and on the water, made new friends and said goodbye to those who have left us all too soon. We've all complained about one thing or another but the experience of being a Corinthian is one we have been proud of and one that we have never regretted. Now after 50 years of making memories the very existence of our organization is being threatened by a lack of volunteers for leadership roles. On the positive side, I have many very capable volunteers to fill all of the Board positions and non Board positions. We are in need of a Vice Commodore and a Fleet Captain in order to keep our organization going into the second half of Ďour century.í

The Vice Commodore is a two year commitment to the club and the Fleet Captain is a four year commitment that gives an individual plenty of time to learn the ropes. Or, you can volunteer to be our Cruise Director, same responsibilities but with no commitment to the four year term. You can decide that at the end of your year as Cruise Director.

Accepting one of these positions does not leave you high and dry and alone to carry out these responsibilities. Past officers are available to assist you in the position and many board members, as well as general members, have generously offered to assist you with your responsibilities.

If you have any interest, please call Leslie Baron or Jerry Maguire to set up an informal discussion about the possibilities.






The Corinthians

P.O. Box 5327

Lighthouse Point, Florida  33074








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